One on one yoga therapy

Private classes are great for beginners, or for experienced yogis who are after some one on one guidance to get them to the next level.


They are also great if you have a niggling issue that you'd like to get on top of, or a particular yoga related goal you would like to achieve.

Private classes consist of:

A discussion/breakdown on personal goals.

A series of corrective exercises to help you achieve these goals.

And a take home program tailored to you to keep you moving forward.

Private lessons can be booked as a one off, as a regular time slot, or as a check in every few months to really improve your practice and achieve your goals.

Duration 1hr

Investment :



The Benefits of Private Yoga Classes


Although you will find many styles of yoga classes in Sydney, yoga therapy or remedial Japanese yoga is less widespread. If you live in Balmain, Lilyfield, Drummoyne, and other surrounding areas like Annandale, Glebe, Leichhardt, and Five Dock, you will find Bec’s Rozelle studio easily accessible, tucked away upstairs on Victoria Road. Our approach to yoga is personalised and therapeutic. Using a background in Japanese Yoga, Ryoho yoga, Shiatsu and other specialised therapeutic trainings, we can tailor the practice to give you the improvements you are after and help you meet your practice goals.


Private classes are great for individuals or small groups, families and friends alike. Perhaps you may feel intimidated at the thought of attending a big group yoga class, or you may have hit a plateau, or come up against a new issue within your regular practice. With personalised guidance and custom classes, you will find that you'll progress much more quickly. Private classes are available as a one off, or a regular weekly or monthly time slot, with an optional take home program for your home practice. 

What is Therapeutic Yoga?


Meridian based therapeutic yoga balances the energetic pathways throughout the body called meridians. These pathways on the body may be blocked or fatigued and we look at creating harmony between the meridians and the entire body systems. Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zen Shiatsu the therapeutic movements are designed to remove stagnation from within the body, build strength where required, and encourage energy flow.


An assessment of the individual (or group) is made, and corrective therapeutic moves and yoga asana are performed to help create a custom class thats right for you.


You don't necessarily need to have an injury or chronic illness to benefit from a private therapeutic yoga class. And you especially don't need to be naturally gifted with flexibility to start practicing yoga either. Yoga is a great tool to help you live your best life.


Your personal targets will be discussed and reassessed at each private yoga lesson to keep you on track with your progression, and even possible challenges that arise. Bec will adjust the class and each pose to suit how your body and needs change with every lesson so you should never hit a stagnant point in your practice.